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Eureka Global Art (EGA) is an international art and culture organization established in 1987. Its mission is the support and promotion of creativity in its many manifestations. EGA not only focuses on the inheritance of classical cultural continuity, we also keep innovation as a destination! EGA is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. EGA's growth and development has been inspired by the innovation and dedication of artists from all around the world.

During these 25 years, EGA has devoted itself to innovation and breakthrough communication in the fields of art education and cultural intercommunication, as well as promoting individual artists' careers. As a result, EGA is considered one of the best art organizations in Canada. We also spread our own culture to the world. EGA sincerely welcomes people from different countries and areas bringing their unique cultures and  art.


Eureka Global Art has decades of professional experience in marketing and promotion of artists through multi-national art exhibitions and artistic communications. EGA is a leader in international marketing, cultural brand building, and culture transmission. EGA has played an important role in the transmission of Canadian culture. We welcome inquiries from artist interested in joining our organization.
Eureka Young Art is a subsidiary of EGA, based in China. In 2012, EGA planned to expand the scope of artistic intercommunication and cooperation to more countries and areas. Based on the transmission of Canada's diverse and inclusive culture and arts, EGA interacted with artist and established cultures, throughout China and Europe. EGA's knowledge and appreciation of   Asian cultures, especially China's over 5000 years of culture, allowed EGA to combine traditional elements from both Canadian and Chinese culture with contemporary  innovation  in art with the establishment of Eureka Young Art in China.
More and more artists have joined Eureka Young Art (China). Mindful of the continuity of Chinese folk arts and culture, they have grown in their knowledge of Canadian arts, culture and artists. As well, this unique partnership furthers  Canadian artists' knowledge of China and Chinese artists. 

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