How do we work?


EGA may customize different services to the clients according to different requirements from different countries and cities. As a result, perfection would be our only target. We provide powerful teamwork to win the satisfaction of our clients. Every success starts from every steady step!


We know clients and their challenges. EGA patiently listens to the clients, help them to analyze the practical situation and problems and explore the opportunities. We provide customized services to help the client to accomplish their plans and goals. Satisfaction from the client is our only target. We try to help the client's brands develop continually and steadily.


2.Strategy plan
At the beginning, we logically classify the materials from the clients and draw process diagrams so as to position the brand influence and coordinate brand plans in the best strategy.
Communicate with clients periodically is necessary. We may gradually confirm Pls under communication and build up success standard in order to promote the two sides orient the same.


Through this procedure of idea designing, scheme development, project orientation, analysis of the mode of transmission, EGA would frame a unique concept to the project. EGA is able to integrate all-around resources efficiently. EGA's design team endeavors to make sure that each project would appear in its perfect presentation as their team target.


4.Build and integrate
Further coordination of strategic vision and brand positioning would be done in this period EGA will provide the best experience to the client, drive the whole project of the organizational scheme and effectively reflect the value related to the project.


5.Deploy and  test
Testing of plans in the project. This is a quality test flow. The quality of the project and the practical situation would be shown at this stage to the client. Based on the tests of the project, EGA can solve the problems directly as they are identified. Additionally, analysis to public feedback, if applicable, occurs  in this period.


6.Assess and Evolve
It is a new start when a project has been brought out. New joints and interest in communication had just started. It is necessary for us to listen to the client, learn from clients and participate in new ideas of development from the clients and summarize from every project so as to promote the ability of innovation. We have the objective view of the new changes in te public and the clients. We try to keep good relationship with more and more resources.

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