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Eureka Global Art has committed itself to promoting genuine talent in the artistic world, whether emerging or established.

Eureka's Roots
Originally founded in 1987 under the name Blue Skye production, this start-up concert promotion company quickly made its way into the Top Ten Show Production Firms of the Greater Toronto Area. The secret - having some of the province's best public relations people on staff keeping atop the world's innovative m
arketing methods, excellent venues - and of course, our international musicians from all parts of the globe.


Our History 

Started in September 1987 by Gregory Lyubarsky, from a  European family of musical virtuosi, the company slowly started gaining popularity among music lovers. Gregory and Lia Lyubarsky, whose background from a famous dynasty of professional musicians accomplished in disciplines from operatic vocal to masterful piano, violin and even banjo and accordion, helped them as they established Blue Skye Productions as a well-respected and liked show organizer throughout the city's multiple regions.

In the beginning, Blue Sky Productions offered primarily local music and dance programs featuring students of Royal Conservatory of Music and other well-known Toronto post-secondary music institutions. A few years later, following a surge of interest from the show-goers, it embarked on bringing in some world-class North American and European stars.

During its first decade, Blue Skye Productions was mostly taking part in shows featuring popular and dance music stars. As audience interest in Jazz, Blues, Rock'n'Roll and Rhythm and Blues grew along with New Wave and Hip Hop, the company decided to widen its borders to include a slew of new artists waiting to be discovered as well as continuing to feature the acts that had by that time gained a mass following. There were still a lot of untapped markets, such as Classical, Broadway Musicals, Asian and Latin, and, of course, Rap.


Becoming Eureka
It was in 2006 that Ms. Helena Skye, the former 
ballerina, and soprano of Beijing Dance, Drama, and Opera,  joined Blue Skye as an Officer, later becoming a Director of the firm which soon incorporated under the name of Eureka Global Art. She was responsible for increasing the representation of visual artists in the company.


Performances - The Past to Present
Some of 
 our past collaborators include the world's best musicians such as Toto Cutugno (Canadian Tour 1988), Boney M featuring Bobby Farrell (Tour of the Americas 1992), Demis Roussos (North America 2001), Igor Babitch (2006) and much more...


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